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Committed Services of HP Graphite Co., Ltd.

Committed Services of HP Graphite Co., Ltd.

  • Pre-sale Service

    Provide consultation: Provide customers with consulting service, sales and technical personnel guidance for product details, performance and quality, 24 hours to provide users with the problems and technical consultation. 

    Scheme design: Our product design technicians provide on site inspection according to customers requirements or equipments usage environment, to provide customers with the best supporting graphite product solutions.

  • Sale Service

    Sales department shall monitor the use of products at any time, within one week after goods arrive at the place designated by customers, our sales staff will call to inquire about the products acceptance and other requirements of customers. Provide installation assistance services, and introduce the use methods and technical requirements.

  • After-sales Service

  • Training: Operation to the steel factory or the customer production sites for the on-site training for operation and maintenance.

  • Technical Support

  • After receiving the user's technical support request or failure report, we will immediately contact the responsible department to provide best solutions for users. 

    24h x7 Customer Service Telephone: 400-635-0755. QQ Online Service: 2406779356

  • Remote Network Support

    Realize the company's web site and email online technical support.

    Web Site: www.juxingtansu.com 

    Email Address: sales@juxingtansu.com

  • On Site Service

    If you need engineers checking, judging and solving the problem on site, our company promises to arrange technicians for handling problems on site within 8 hours after receiving your call.

  • Regular Return Visit

    After the product enters the operation stage, our company arranges engineers to pay regular return visit to monitor product operation status at any time and provide product recycling and reprocessing schemes.

  • Service Supervision & Management

    If users are not satisfied with our on-site service personnel, they can feed back to our company, and we will arrange additional technicians to go to the site to solve the problem satisfactorily.


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