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Graphite Electrodes Use Instructions

Graphite Electrodes Use Instructions

Graphite Electrodes Use Instructions


Before connecting the electrode, its threads shallbe firstly
cleaned up, and when the nipple is carefully screwed in
one end of electrode, the lifting nipple shall be screwed
in the other end thereof,without colliding the thread. It is
not recommended that, the nipple is directly installed on
the electrode being used on the furnace.

Graphite electrodes use instructions image1.jpg


The steel wool or metal brush and
abrasive cloth are not allowed to
clean up the threads of electrode,
only the compressed air free of oil
and water can be used.

Graphite electrodes use instructions image2.jpg


The rotatable elastic hook shall be
used, and the soft support pad shall
be put below the electrode nipple,
to prevent the thread from damaging.

Graphite electrodes use instructions image3.jpg


Before connecting the electrode, its hole shall be
cleaned up with the compressed air free of oil and

Graphite electrodes use instructions image4.jpg


The electrode shall be lifted and
conveyed on the furnace with the
elastic hook for centering, slowly
moved down, slightly screwed in,
and then, tightened with shroud ring.

Graphite electrodes use instructions image5.jpg


The shroud ring is screwed  with
special calipers according to the
specified torque, and either
mechanical or hydraulic is adopted.
The air pressure equipment shall
be screwed to the specified torque.

Graphite electrodes use instructions image6.jpg


No contact between end faces of the two electrodes or the contact pressure is too large, will affect
the normal use of electrode. Please refer to the torque  specified in the Figure.

Graphite electrodes use instructions table7.png

Graphite electrodes use instructions image7.jpg


The electrode holder must be located within
the two white warning lines. The contact surface
between the holder and electrode shall be
frequently cleaned, to keep good contact with
the electrode. The water leakage is strictly
prohibited in the cooling water jacket of holder.



To avoid the electrode from breaking
off, the insulating materials shall not be
allowed in the furnace. The working
current of electrode shall be adapted
to the allowable current of electrode
in the Instructions.

Graphite electrodes use instructions image8.jpg


To avoid the electrode from breaking
off, the block materials should be
placed at the bottom of the furnace,
and the small materials should be
placed at the top thereof.                          

Graphite electrodes use instructions image10.jpg


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