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Graphite Products

Graphite products are the abbreviation of graphite products other than graphite electrodes. These graphite products have the same process and quality inspection as graphite electrodes. Some graphite products are by-products of graphite electrodes (graphite powders and graphite scraps) .

Rely on our more than 16 years of experience in processing graphite materials, we are familiar with the characteristics and physical and chemical indexes of graphite materials, and can find the suitable products for you faster and more accurately.   

We provide the quality parameters of all graphite products and conduct quality inspections before leaving the factory. We promise to solve any problems for you within 5 working days.

What kinds of graphite products can we provide?

Different graphite products are configured for different industries. Generally, according to the shape of graphite products, we divide the graphite products into the following five types: 


Artificial Graphite Powder

Graphite powder is the most common product in graphite products, providing high purity, excellent lubricity and electrical conductivity. Graphite powder is widely used in almost all manufacturing industries such as chemical industry, metallurgical industry and casting industry.   


Graphite Scrap 

Graphite scrap is also called graphite electrode scrap. which is a product to increase scraps and graphite products value in production process. Graphite scrap is widely used in different applications and can be used as carburant. It can also be used as additives in electrode processing to improve graphite electrodes quality.


Graphite Block|Graphite Square

Extrusion, molding, isostatic pressing, graphite square|graphite block is a different name for this kind of graphite product, and the different name is often related to the performance of the product itself. Generally, the graphite square of ordinary medium and coarse particles|Graphite blocks are called graphite cubes in large blocks, while small pieces of graphite cubes are often called graphite blocks because of their higher unit price and smaller volume.


Graphite Rod|Carbon Rod

Graphite rod|carbon rod is an important product in graphite products. The graphite rod|carbon rod has the same production process as graphite electrodes, but due to its small size, it generally has relative high requirements on precision and physical & chemical indexes during usage. 


Graphite Tile

Graphite tile is a kind of graphite product that is not very common, and its market demand is not very large. Graphite tile is made of graphite products with relative larger-mass graphite. Relying on their irreplaceable characteristics in nature, it is hard to be replaced for graphite products in a short time. 


Graphite Products Production Process:

The production process of graphite products is to mix petroleum coke with coal pitch through forming, baking, graphitization and finally calcined at 3000°C to graphitize the carbon atoms. After that, they are processed into different shapes according to market demands. The specific production process can refer to: Graphite Electrode Production Process.

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