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[Carburant] Market Prices Continue to Run Weakly and Steadily

[Carburant] Market Prices Continue to Run Weakly and Steadily

[Carburant] Market Prices Continue to Run Weakly and Steadily

Carburant market prices.jpg 

Data source: Oilchem

Cost aspect: As of the time of drafting, the price of No. 1 Petroleum Coke is 3275 yuan/ton, which is unchanged from last week; the price of No. 2 Petroleum Coke is 2136 yuan/ton, a decrease from last week. Currently, China domestic petroleum coke price market maintains a weak and stable operation. The demand for low-sulfur coke is weak, and downstream enterprises are mainly making just-in-time purchases. The market for medium-sulfur petroleum coke continues to operate weakly, and the demand side is cautiously entering the market with individual adjustments in transaction prices. The domestic supply of petroleum coke is sufficient, and port inventories increased by 15,000 tons compared to last week, and the coke price continues to run weakly and steadily. 

China's Electric Arc Furnace Plants Average Capacity Utilization Trend.jpg 

Data source: Oilchem

Downstream demand side: The independent arc furnace operating rate and capacity utilization rate in China are gradually increasing. A steel plant in the Guangxi region of South China resumed production with two 70-ton arc furnaces on the 18th, and the current daily output reached around 15,000 tons. Subsequently, affected by environmental protection plans, some regions will adjust production according to their own circumstances based on the environmental protection plan.

China's Carbon Additive Market Price Trend.jpg 

Data source: Oilchem

Price aspect: The overall atmosphere of the carburant market in this period is general. Regarding calcined coal, the price of raw material anthracite has slightly decreased, and the shipment of calcined coal carburant is general in this period. The downstream demand side, the operating rate of arc furnaces in steel mills, has increased compared to last week. In terms of cost, there is no pressure for the time being, and downstream procurement is mainly based on just-in-time purchases. There are no favorable factors for the price of coal-added carburants. As for calcined coke and graphitized carburants, the price of raw material petroleum coke remains weak and stable, the demand downstream is general, and the price has decreased compared to last week. The shipment of calcined petroleum coke carburants is general, and downstream receiving is mainly based on just-in-time needs, with prices decreasing compared to last week. It is expected that the future market prices will be weak and stable, with the possibility of narrow adjustments still existing.

In summary, with raw material prices making narrow adjustments and acceptable trading activity on the demand side, the carburant market's support is improving. It is expected that China domestic carburant market prices will undergo narrow adjustments in the near term, and a small number of manufacturers may be affected by environmental protection policies, impacting shipments. For more information on the carburant market, feel free to communicate with us at any time.



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