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Petroleum coke overall shipment is general, some local refineries' prices have fallen

Petroleum coke overall shipment is general, some local refineries' prices have fallen

Petroleum coke market overall shipment is at a general level, some local refineries' prices have fallen


On Monday (Oct. 10), petroleum coke average market price was 4670 yuan/ton, down 22 yuan/ton, or 0.47%. Petroleum coke market overall shipments was general, some local refineries' prices continues to decline. Graphite electrode used for electric furnace steelmaking, with petroleum coke and needle coke as raw materials, has gradually increased production capacity with the support of environmental protection policies. 

Sinopec aspect

The shipment of medium and high sulfur petroleum coke in Shandong was stable, and the downstream was mainly purchased on demand. Qilu Petrochemical petroleum coke was shipped as per 4#A, Qingdao Petrochemical petroleum coke was shipped as per 5#, Qingdao Petrochemical mainly produced 3#B petroleum coke, and Jinan Refinery's petroleum coke was shipped as per 2#B; In Northwest China Tahe Petrochemical petroleum coke traded well, the downstream procurement was active, and refineries' petroleum coke inventory was still low. The petroleum coke trading of CNPC's refineries was stable, the anode material market has been purchased on demand, and the purchasing enthusiasm of graphite electrode enterprises was insufficient. The coke price in Northeast China was temporarily stable. After the festival, low sulfur petroleum coke market price was weak in general, mainly because the refinery had sufficient inventory during the holiday, some refineries' petroleum coke prices were relatively high before the festival, so the price has fallen significantly in the last two days. At present, the market price of petroleum coke in northwest China continues to be stable. At present, the price of CNOOC's refinery Taizhou Petrochemical is stable, while the price of Zhoushan Petrochemical has decreased significantly.


Local refineries aspect

At present, the overall shipment performance of the domestic refined petroleum coke market is general, and some refineries' prices continue to decline by 20-200 yuan/ton; As the price of petroleum coke remains high for a long time, the cost of receiving goods in the downstream increases, and most of them are purchased on demand. The refinery petroleum coke trading is under pressure, especially the medium sulfur petroleum coke, and the price continues to decline. Current market index fluctuation: Zhongtian Haoye phase II petroleum coke sulfur content reduced to about 4.0%.


Imported petroleum coke aspect

Domestic low sulfur coke prices fell, and some varieties' low sulfur sponge coke prices at ports fell accordingly; The medium and high sulfur sponge coke market remained basically stable.


Market forecast

The overall shipment volume of petroleum coke market is still at a normal level.  Downstream enterprises mainly deliver goods on demand. Petroleum coke prices will remain stable tomorrow, and some refineries' coke prices will be adjusted. To learn more about the carbon market, welcome to contact us.


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